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Company Store

First of all, thank you for visiting our version of an online "Company Store"...

Our "Company Store" offers over-runs, extras, and upon occasion we  specifically made art glass or production glass pieces available directly to you the consumer at ridiculously low prices in this online store...

When we have an glass art works or production glass piece in stock, it will be listed and evident by appearing on this page for sale.  If this page has no products or photos on it?  It means that you will have to check back tomorrow.  It just so happens that we sell out extremely quickly.  You are competing against Gallery Owners and other glass art consumers...  

As we grow, we will be offering more choices and greater volumes...  We do look forward to having our Company Store to fill the needs of everyone looking for a great deal in Glass Art or some sort of varied choices of other Production Glass as well...

Thank you for your interest and please know that if you are interested in something custom made in glass as you are already on the right site for your custom glass art needs.

Whatever your specific Glass needs are, we can accomplish them... 'Whatever size, shape, color, texture that you are looking for... We can deliver... 

We look forward to delivering you exactly what you want how you want it at a price that you can appreciate and justify.

You can be the Primary Creative Impression of your own "Contemporary Glass Art Project" or you can let us help guide you in the creation of your special assignment. 

Keeping your interests and needs in mind while making your special custom glass art project, your project.


custom art glass production

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