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After you've exhausted all of your available solutions of finding your client a Glass Art works that fits or interests them, we may be your only remaining option...

Our Gallery Owners Connection program will allow you one last final option to make the sale.  Before your customer walks out of your gallery and goes to your competitors gallery, refer them to the concept of custom made glass art.  We are a valuable discreet partner and a great asset for your custom glass art needs.  You’ll get the commission for the sale along with the recognition for the referral.  We can custom make the glass art piece exactly how your client wants along with being made specifically for the spot that they want it in.  We will also direct that custom transaction through your gallery or directly through us, whatever you prefer...

We silently represent 100's of custom glass art galleries throughout the World!   Apart from our previously satisfied customers, we annually services 1,000's of new customers.  Great reliable service, reasonable prices and leading edge glassworking skills are continually helping our efforts in delivering your business for today while building on our future relationships with you, for tomorrow…

E-mail us at and we will send you a response with a first phase packet.  If your galleries request for inclusion is accepted?   We will respond to you with an additional acceptance information packet.  This acceptance packet includes an agreement, specific directions, and your exclusive codes and the secrete location address allowing you access into specific secured areas of this site.  You will also get the formatting codes of your customer’s entire referral base, assuring proper payments, recognition, and information regarding a specific clients progress.

Along with everything else that we're offering you, as a Gallery Owners Connection partner we will also included you in our gallery referral list.   Whatever the size your gallery, our gallery referral list is primarily based on your geographic location and the artists that you represent or promote in relation to our clients needs.

Thank you for your time and interest.


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