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Replications does not mean Forgeries.   We do not participate in or condone copying existing original works of any artist with their names on it.  We produce "original" art glass works only.

Other than Replications, we make "Original" glass art pieces that may also be guided by your creative desires, artistic needs, unlimited imagination or direct input.  All of the custom glass art projects that flow through our organization will have none other then the creating artists, gaffer or talented glassworkers name signed on your assignment.  In turn, assuring you and delivering to you the absolute highest gallery quality hot glass product for the very best price.  

Reflected in our "Glass Art Dictionary".  Virtual Production Replications is the remaking and replacement of an unattainable original production glass piece with an as close as possible custom-made glass piece for repair, recovery or restoration for historic purposes, etc.  For example - replacing exclusive glass projects, reinstate damaged family treasures, heirlooms, replacing a glass cylinder that is part of an antique valuable lantern, clock covers, or anything along those lines… 

Okay, now...    

Whatever your particular Virtual Production Replication glass needs are...  We look forward to delivering you exactly what you want how you want it at a price that you can appreciate and justify.

Let us make your elusive "original" glass art piece for you...  'Whatever size, shape, color, texture that you are looking for... We will deliver exactly what you want... is always keeping your interests and needs in mind while making your "original" special project, your project.


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