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Our talented teams of professionals are extremely dedicated to providing and presenting you with an extraordinary custom glass experience that has never been offered directly to consumers before.  You can have full authority from absolute creative artistic style or let us organize and do everything for you.    

We will “Exclusively Match Your Glass Needs” with the precise hot glass production team that you could use for whatever artistic or stringent requirements that you may encompass or demand for your particular detailed glass project.  Our Glass Workers are extraordinary in applying any and all of the traditional techniques to every state-of-the-art glass production traits that are needed.

Only your particular glass assignment itself, would dictate exactly which method that would be used.  This exclusive amalgamation is presented to you as a completely “Free” service.  Consequently, this method is less expensive than any other hot shops endeavors… In turn, making this entire process completely affordable.

As a value added bonus, we could even include you personally into the effort by having you work directly with our team as we make your special creation.  Or, we also could have you watch “Specific” World Distinguished Glass Artists themselves IF they would be working on your special assignment.  Our hot glassworkers are often on the teams leading, assisting or creating for the worlds best known glass art Masters themselves...

Before your process begins, we will discuss your project in great detail.  Ensuring that your piece is designed exactly how you want it. Some of our clients choose to forward or create detailed specifications. while others take advantage of our creative design services. 

All we need to launch your mission is that detail, if possible.  Starting with your various Ideas or Drawings, Detailed Explanations of Special Needs and Shapes or Precise Dimensions of an comprehensive areas all the way to any Technical or Architectural Plans with consideration of colors, textures and other fine details in mind...


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